BOVA is Southern Africa's leading brand of Safety Footwear and Para Military combat boots.

BOVA is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovatively designed safety boots and shoes.


BOVA safety shoes and boots are manufactured by Beier Safety Footwear; in Pinetown, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, 15km inland from the city of Durban, South Africa.


BOVA Safety Footwear is available in a wide range of styles and moulds to suit many diverse markets and applications under its popular BOVA brand. The total annual output of the BOVA factory is in excess of one million pairs, which represents about 35% of South Africa's annual production of safety shoes and boots.


BOVA Safety Footwear is used extensively in the automotive, mining industries, heavy and light engineering sectors, civil engineering, agriculture, combat boots for defence, security and police.


Our safety boots and shoes range consists of the following types of construction


PU / PU safety shoes and safety boots

TPU / PU safety shoes and safety boots

Rubber / PU safety shoes and safety boots


Our Vision is to become the leading manufacturer of Safety Footwear in Southern Africa measured by any standard. 



In order to create a double density sole, the outer skin is created by firstly injecting the polyurethane into the mould. The upper is then positioned above it and the mould closed. A polyurethane compound of a lighter density is then injected between the upper and the outer sole, bonding the two components together in the process. The inner sole provides additional comfort and shock absorption.


During this process, pre-programmed robots perform important functions such as applying a release agent to the mould, and roughening the Upper for good bonding.